Vintage 1960s Ceramic Weird Guy

That's not my description of it, it's the auction title.


Hurry, it's on sale for $264.99, but that ends soon.

Link (may expire.)


Romance Pro vs. Con Notepad!

"The pro/con process remains the world's best decision making technology. Why not apply it to your love life? Whether you're on the fence or pretty darn sure about a paramour's fate, spell it out point by point, then move forward knowing you'll have no regrets.

Our Romance Pro/Con is the essential tool and perfect gift for the perplexed dater! Never again continue to date a loser (unless you choose to!)

A great gift for your single friends."

Auction here.


Imaginary Stamps: Tell people you rule your own country.

One of the best things about this blog is that it based in reality: You can't make this stuff up!

"Tell people you rule your own country and have the stamps to prove it!"

Is this a new low in self esteem? Are we really at the point that we are impressing people at parties by telling them we rule an imaginary nation as we pass out fake stamps?

It appears so.



COOL: Hollow Spy Coin - US Half Dollar

This is actually pretty cool.

Covert Coins are expertly hand-machined from actual US minted circulation coins to create a secret interior compartment. Once closed, they are absolutely indistinguishable from regular coins to the naked eye. They can be handled normally without any chance of an accidental opening. An opening device is supplied with each covert coin, without which it's next to impossible to open up the coin.

Auction here. (May Expire)


Camel Cigarette Pack Wallet!

Wow. This one took some time to make. I'm a big fan of unusual wallets. This one appears to made entirely from recycled Camel Cigarette packs!

Link to auction (may expire)


Flying Monkey Slingshot "Predicted to the Be the Next Big Thing!"

Watch the amazing Flying Monkey soar as you sling it into the air with a sling-shot pulling action. The masked and hooded super Monkey can fly up to 50 feet, and makes a real-life monkey screech as it flies that will have you swearing you've stepped straight into an African jungle.

This is a must have!

View auction here. (May expire)


Haunted Ghost Ship Painting

"It's a strange back story, but prospective buyers should know:

I bought this painting from a consignment shop to help decorate my apartment in Seacoast, NH. I thought it was a neat image, but nobody else ever really liked the painting. Anyway, long story short: I took the painting down after waking up from an odd dream. When I woke up, I looked at the wall to see the image of a woman (shoulders and up) transposed over the painting. I was awake, just staring at the painting. I could see the top of her white gown. I must have been looking for about 5 seconds, when her mouth opened and she grumbled three times in a low voice, “Don’t ever look at me!” I feel like I remember being more shocked than scared. But, I still scrambled out of the room. (again, I was awake at this point) … I took down the painting before I went to bed that night, and I haven’t hung it since then. I forgot about it until I moved. Instead of trashing it, I know there’s got to be people out there who like those kinds of weird happenings. **As an aside, before I woke up and saw what I saw, I had a dream about the painting where it was hanging in an art gallery and everyone was crowded around it whispering, “She’s a Saint now.” I don't know how to explain what I saw or who the woman is supposed to be -- the captain's wife? But, in either case, I don't want it around anymore."

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