Haunted Ghost Ship Painting

"It's a strange back story, but prospective buyers should know:

I bought this painting from a consignment shop to help decorate my apartment in Seacoast, NH. I thought it was a neat image, but nobody else ever really liked the painting. Anyway, long story short: I took the painting down after waking up from an odd dream. When I woke up, I looked at the wall to see the image of a woman (shoulders and up) transposed over the painting. I was awake, just staring at the painting. I could see the top of her white gown. I must have been looking for about 5 seconds, when her mouth opened and she grumbled three times in a low voice, “Don’t ever look at me!” I feel like I remember being more shocked than scared. But, I still scrambled out of the room. (again, I was awake at this point) … I took down the painting before I went to bed that night, and I haven’t hung it since then. I forgot about it until I moved. Instead of trashing it, I know there’s got to be people out there who like those kinds of weird happenings. **As an aside, before I woke up and saw what I saw, I had a dream about the painting where it was hanging in an art gallery and everyone was crowded around it whispering, “She’s a Saint now.” I don't know how to explain what I saw or who the woman is supposed to be -- the captain's wife? But, in either case, I don't want it around anymore."

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